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  • Helbine Posters

    Game Supplements

    If you’re a fan of the Helbine setting, cool sci-fi art, or just want to support us, a poster is a relatively inexpensive and fun way to do so.

  • HELBINE Action Decks

    Game Supplements

    These playing cards include a complete set of 54 standard playing cards (hearts, clubs, etc.) with full-art images from Goblin Society Games’ Helbine book. They come in standard or tarot size to bring a little flair to initiative, chases, and more in your Helbine games.

  • Conditions! Rotating Condition Cards

    Game Supplements

    Conditions! Rotating Condition Cards help track your character status effects at the table for certain Open Game License roleplaying games. As the effect increases or decreases, simply rotate or flip the card accordingly.

  • Helbine

    Game Supplements

    Helbine is a sci-fi setting book for Savage Worlds. Players take on the roles of gunslingers, hotshot pilots, cybernetics enthusiasts, and hackers making a living on the edge of explored space.

  • The Kobold Grinder

    Original Games

    An original hybrid of a board game and roleplaying game. Enter the dungeon, die hilariously, retry.

  • Murkrag’s Compendium Cards


    Murkrag’s Compendium Cards is a full set of magic item reference cards for Murkrag’s Compendium. This deck of cards helps you easily reference the magic items you use most from Murkrag’s Compendium of Curios.

  • Murkrag’s Trove of Treasures

    Game Supplements

    Murkrag’s Trove of Treasures is a conversion of the Compendium of Curios for Pathfinder 2nd Edition by our friends at Eldritch Osiris Games.

  • Lesser Magick


    Lesser Magick is a collection of 24 cantrip spells for use in your 5e role-playing games. Your character may bend the laws of reality but when that magic is used up, it’s the cantrips that you’ll be relying on.

  • Murkrag’s Bargain Bin


    Murkrag’s Bargain Bin is a collection of magic items for use in your 5E role-playing games. In this book, you will find 30 magic items of questionable quality.

  • Murkrag’s Compendium of Curios


    Inside this compendium of over 190 pages, you’ll find 300 illustrated magic items for 5e. Included are enchanted weapons, armor, rings, a deck of playing cards, and much more.

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