The Kobold Grinder

An original game for 3-6 unlucky kobolds and 1 heartless Game Master.

The required Kobold Grinder rulebook available as a PDF or softcover. Printer limitations prevent us from bundling this with the physical version of The Kobold Grinder Content Pack. Buy this if you want to play online using our Tabletop Simulator workshop mod or want a physical version of the rules. Available as PDF or softcover on

This bundle includes (1) the physical Kobold Grinder Content Pack (some assembly required), (2) a PDF of The Kobold Grinder rules, and (3) a printable PDF of the Kobold Grinder Content Pack (for replacing pieces). Buy this if you want to play The Kobold Grinder using the physical pieces and a PDF of the rules or you are buying a softcover of the rules separately. Available as cut-out tiles on

The Kobold Grinder is a standalone tabletop game for 4-7 players, in which one takes on the role of Game Master and the others attempt to lead their hapless kobold characters to victory. As the Game Master, your role will be to manage the dungeon and adjudicate the rules much as you would in a tabletop RPG. In this book you’ll find 5 rooms filled with traps, monsters, and temptations for the players, with most rooms including 3 possible variations to keep things fresh even for veteran players. A complete play typically takes 3-5 hours.

The players will need to navigate various traps and puzzles to reach the prize at the end of the dungeon: a single gold coin from the dragon’s hoard to prove their worth! Unfortunately, the dungeon is not exactly safe, and many kobolds won’t make it through. But not to worry, should a kobold fall there are plenty more waiting to try their luck. So, by all means, backstab, trade, trick, befuddle, work together, and betray all you like. Do whatever it takes to reach the end of… The Kobold Grinder.

To play you’ll need:

  • The Kobold Grinder rules (available as PDF or softcover)
  • The Kobold Grinder Content Pack (available as cut-out pieces or as our Tabletop Simulator workshop mod).
  • A few sets of roleplaying dice: d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20.
The Kobold Grinder was our first original game borne from the idea of "What if level 1 characters were put through 'The Tomb of Horrors'?". Well you'd get something like The Kobold Grinder I think, with a mad dash to figure out the puzzle solution and a hilarious mix of cooperation and backstabbing. It's a great game for friends that are comfortable with a little treachery, like a D&D group that is taking a night off.
Personally, I'm very happy with how the rules worked out: simple and fast-paced. The actual material publishing was pretty experimental on our end, and unfortunately printer limitations have made it impossible to order a physical book and physical pieces in one order. We also chose to make the pieces cut-outs to shave a few dollars off the final price, which does make the initial setup rather time consuming.
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