A Science Fiction Setting for Savage Worlds

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Helbine is a Savage Worlds setting book ready for your game group. Inside you’ll find all the lore, history, and people you need to set your game in a science-fiction world of intrigue, mystery, and action. Whether your characters are bounty hunters looking to make it big, scientists sporting the latest in cybernetics, or hotshot pilots in a stolen Walker, they’ll find all the challenges and excitement they could want on Helbine and its six moons.

The planet Helbine sits on the edge of explored space in the Cantallion system. Since its recent discovery by Dr. Helbine, the planet has become the center of attention. Now, the wasteland planet boasts one of the fastest growing cities in the world, Banda City, a metropolis ruled by three factions: the Interstellar Coalition science-cult, the cut-throat Kortan Corporation, and the space pirate Phantom Marauders. Meanwhile, The Mold is spreading, evolving, and resisting these new intruders.

If you’re not sure if Helbine is for you, we have a free sample pdf which includes the unique setting rules, the Interstellar Coalition faction, and the location information for the planet Helbine and Banda City.

Looking for the Faction Advancement Banners referenced in this book?
Our first Savage Worlds product, Helbine sprang from a short streamed game run by Maria, and inspired by Disney's 'Treasure Planet' movie and the cyberpunk aesthetic. Creating a TTRPG setting is something I enjoy, and I certainly did enjoy creating the Helbine world. Savage Worlds' emphasis on being "Fast! Furious! Fun!" made it a great fit for the shenanigans of being mercs in space.

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