HELBINE Action Decks

54 full-art action cards for use with the Helbine setting in your Savage Worlds games.

Available in standard poker (2.5"x3.5") or tarot (2.75"x4.75"):

Available on DriveThru RPG.

Available on DriveThru RPG.

If you’re a fan of the Helbine setting or just love the art then why not add a little flair with the Helbine Action Deck? This set of 54 (Ace through King + Jokers) playing cards uses standard types and suits while featuring 25 full-art images from the Helbine book.

As with other Savage Worlds games, Helbine uses standard playing cards, or Action Decks, for initiative, chase scenes, and more. While any playing cards will work just fine, this set features the beautiful art from the Helbine setting book and is a great way to show your support while adding a touch of immersion to your Helbine game.

With the fantastic work Aeledfyr did for the Helbine book it was an easy decision to feature the art in another format, especially one the players would see more of. Savage World's use of cards for initiative gave us an obvious way to do just that. While any playing cards will do just fine, these ones are fancy!

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