Lesser Magick

24 Cantrips for 5e

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Lesser Magick is a collection of cantrip spells for use in your 5e role-playing games. Your character may bend the laws of reality or conjure massive fireballs from nothing, but when that magic is used up it’s the cantrips that you’ll be relying on. So why not expand your options with some Lesser Magick? Within, you’ll find:

  • 24 cantrips for the core cantrip-casting classes, each with their own arcane glyph.
  • A class-specific table of contents and a tag system for ease of reference
  • An average of 10 new cantrips for each class
  • More cantrips calling for uncommon saving throws
  • An emphasis on less common damage types
  • At least 2 cantrips per school of magic

Dim lights with gloam, sneak a peak at the future with prophetic glimpse, or tell your opponent what you really think with rebuke. Whatever you’re specialty, there’s something for spellcasters of all types within this tome of Lesser Magick.

As a bit of personal practice and curiosity, I did a blog series called "How to Spell" that examined the cantrips in 5e. By the end of it, I'd been filled with a lot of very specific and generally useless knowledge so I did the only thing I could: make my own cantrips. We specifically wanted to fill in some gaps so the list is weighted towards classes (clerics), schools, saving throws, and elements that I felt were under served.
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