Helbine Ace License

This is a quick update to share some exciting information that I spoiled in the title: Our upcoming game, Helbine will be an Ace-Licensed product! Yay!

If you’re not familiar with what that means, here’s a quick explanation: developers, like Goblin Society Games, have a few options when writing for the Savage Worlds rules system. To greatly simplify things there are 3 licenses offered by Pinnacle. Firstly there’s the Fan License which is pretty open but requires that your product be released for free. Then there’s the Savage World’s Adventurer’s Guild, or SWAG, which lets you publish and sell Savage Worlds products but only on DriveThruRPG’s website. Finally, there’s the Ace License, which requires a submission, review, and approval from Pinnacle but does not restrict where the product can be sold. While we do sell primarily on DriveThruRPG, we also sell physical copies at our local game stores and do intend to branch out our online sales as well. Because of that, the SWAG license was our backup plan but we went forward with an Ace application and are super excited to share that we’ve been accepted.

So what does that mean for Helbine and you, our audience? Well it means that Goblin Society Games is an Ace Licensee and all our Savage Worlds products, both Helbine and future products, will get this cool badge:

It also means we may have some marketing support from Pinnacle, and it also means we’ll have more freedom in how and where we sell Helbine. To me, it also means someone else looked at Helbine and said “okay, sure” which means a lot. Thanks Pinnacle! Finally, it also means we’re very likely to keep producing Savage Worlds content (we’re already talking internally about Helbine campaign books). Did I mention that we’re very excited about this?

Very Excited,


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