Updated Website

You may have noticed that we have a new website. Huzzah.

For the curious, we switched for a couple of reasons, the biggest of which was monetary. Our previous website, while not expensive per se, was a little pricier and we found we hadn’t been using or enjoying the features we were paying for. So we’re back on WordPress.

I admit, I was a little nervous about the switch. Our original website was a WordPress site and it was pretty rough to keep things updated and working. But I’m happy to say that the new host is much more WordPress-friendly and the default plugins were all I’ve needed. We’re also able to have something more like a storefront than we did with either of our previous sites, and I must say I’m quite pleased with how it looks so far.

We’ve still got some work to do, and it’s not yet decided how much of the old blog stuff we’ll carry over or leave in the dust. If you find any issues or have suggestions, you can reach out to us at support@goblinsociety.com. We’re not experts but we’ll do our best!

Finally, in addition to the look and feel of the whole website we’ve got a mailing list started. If you’re into occasional updates please consider signing up at the bottom of the page. Those updates will feature products and perhaps some occasional discounts.

Tired of Typing,

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