Creator Showcase – December 2023

Happy Holidays!

This month was filled with board games, conventions, Kickstarter’s, and new releases. As we round out the year, let’s round up some creators we think you’ll love!

In this competitive board game by Mid Level Meeple, you play as a ruler of one of many kingdoms, struggling to outlast and overcome, not only the other rulers but also the ever-encroaching famine that will decimate your people.

You are the ruler of a growing kingdom. Your prophets have warned that famine will sweep the entire land over the next few years. To save your people, you’ll need to hire the right workers, balance your resources, and even call upon the magic of mighty wizards! Can you finish the third year more grain than competing rulers and secure prosperity for your kingdom?

We had the opportunity to check out this game at both Fear the Con and Acadecon and enjoyed it enough to save a spot on our game shelf for the deluxe edition, which includes more card options, workers, and an expanded playing board.

Check out the standard, deluxe, and digital versions of Fortune & Famine and other Mid Level Meeple games today!

If you’re looking for a riveting adventure for your D&D 5th Edition table, Bianca Bickford has you covered. When she isn’t working as the Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Roll20, Bianca has been steadily adding to her library of written material on DM’s Guild with “The Forged Dragons”  being her latest edition.

In this 4th-level adventure, you team up with fellow adventurers to put an end to the criminal activities of the Keystone Company while dealing with something that wasn’t planned for: a blizzard.

If you love noir films like Key Largo and The Hateful Eight, this module is for your table!

  • An adventure for 4th-Level characters that can be explored over several sessions
  • Use as a one-shot or introduction to Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden
  • Roll on random tables or improv the action and raise the stakes
  • Five unique NPCs to challenge your players
  • Includes five standalone maps from cartographer Brian Patterson for printing or use on virtual tabletops

All of Bianca’s work, including “Maid in Waterdeep“, an adventure featured in the Uncaged Anthology, can be found on DM’s Guild!

Are you a fan of having maps in your TTRPGs but aren’t a fan of making all of those maps yourself?

2-Minute Tabletop has got you covered! Featuring maps, encounters, and tokens crafted by a myriad of creators, they have everything a table would need to get their games going. Their Patreon also gives supporters access to even more maps and assets!

Recently they just released a collection of desert island maps that could be a perfect location for an unfortunate shipwreck. Or a convenient beach episode.

Grab some rad maps, minis, and more today!

The incredibly talented Meghan Cross is one to watch when it comes to crafting TTRPGs. Just browsing her page will showcase what a creative powerhouse she is. From her “Session Zero” deck-based character creation system to “The Last Hurrah,” a mico-rpg that answers the question: “What happens when a PC retires or leaves their adventuring group?”, Meghan shows that she’s not afraid to throw ideas (or geckos) at the wall and see what sticks.

Recently, Meghan’s Kickstarter for a physical printing of her newest solo journaling game, “Weeds in the Waste,” was overwhelmingly supported, ending at just over $3k of its $2k goal. The deluxe editions of the game have just started shipping and we were fortunate enough to get a copy. Let me tell you, it is stunning.

Do you want to see how “Weeds in the Waste” is played? Meghan and Maria showed off a two-player variant that you can watch here!

If you want to get your hands on any of Meghan’s games, head over to her or Ko-fi shop, or purchase physical copies from Indie Press Revolution!

We hope that this year has been filled with many wonderful games and moments and that the new year will bring even more.

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