Our Sci-Fi setting book is FINALLY here!

It was 2019 and I desperately wanted to play in a sci-fi TTRPG. I pitched the idea of a Treasure Planet-like AP to my friends and they were all very excited about it.

Then I had to make it.

HELBINE was born out of a desire to introduce my friends to the Savage World system while also exploring the gritty sci-fi that I love. What started four years ago as a concept for a show has evolved into a fully-fledged world officially endorsed by Pinnacle Entertainment. All of the work that the team has put into making this setting book a reality has made my heart soar. Holding this book in my hands and knowing that others are going to be able to craft their own stories using my original brainchild is more than I could have ever wanted.

HELBINE is available RIGHT NOW on DriveThruRPG!

Highlights include:

  • A new world with elements of the space western and cyber genres
  • 15 enemy units, many with built-in loadout options
  • Simple Hacking rules for taking control of your enemy’s vehicles, cybernetics, and weapons
  • Unique Gear lists including cybernetics
  • Unique Vehicles with simple customization rules
  • 20 regions to explore with ongoing effects and events
  • Faction Advancement rules for giving enemy units new powers when the players Advance
  • A one-shot starter adventure with premade characters
  • And more!

Featuring incredible art by Aeledfyr, this setting book and accompanying card sets and posters will bring delight to any sci-fi enthusiast at your table.

Enter the world of HELBINE today!

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