Murkrag's Compendium of Curios

300 Magic Items for 5e

Available in PDF and hardcover on:

Inside this compendium of over 190 pages, you’ll find 300 illustrated magic items for 5e. Each entry includes a written description, rules text, and a collection of descriptor tags for an at-a-glance summary. From a club that turns into a chair to a staff that can turn fire spells into lightning spells and force the earth to rise up in your defense.

Designed as a drag-and-drop book for GMs, we’ve aimed to make it quick and simple to browse for the perfect item with a wide selection of rarity, power, and type. Included are weapons, armor, rings, ammunition, torches, spellcasting focuses, instruments, a deck of playing cards, and much more.

Our first product, Murkrag's Compendium, was an adventure to finish and publish. We definitely jumped straight into the deep end with a hardcover of this size, but ultimately I'm glad we did. Special thanks to the artist, Aeledfyr, for their spectacular sketches.

Versions marked “1st Printing” near the copyright notice on the first page have errata found here. Current versions marked “2nd Printing” include the errata.

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