Murkrag's Bargain Bin

30 Magic Items for 5e of Questionable Quality

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Murkrag’s Bargain Bin is a collection of magic items for use in your 5E role-playing games.

In this book, you will find 30 magic items of questionable quality. Perhaps they were failed experiments, prototypes, practical jokes, or student projects. Maybe not every enchanter is as competent as we’d like to believe, or possibly they set out to solve such a specific problem that the item they created seems preposterously useless out of context.

Whatever the reason for their creation, these aren’t your typical fare. You won’t find any flaming swords, wands of healing, or armors of cold resistance in this bargain bin. These items are all either quite limited, counter-intuitive, or otherwise just so very strange that you may wonder how they could ever be useful.

But perhaps with a little cleverness you, dear reader, will be the one to find a use for them, whether you’re a player or game master. After all, there is a certain thrill in finding the value of something others consider worthless. If that’s a thrill you wish to chase then please, take a look through Murkrag’s Bargain Bin.

The Bargain Bin was as April Fool's day release, with less regard for usefulness or balance in-game. It was enjoyable to make though, and although the quality is questionable its good fun at a table where silly weapons and bags of insects are welcome.

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